Introduction to Digital Accessibility

This curriculum provides a general introduction to web accessibility. It is designed for any students with a basic understanding of computers and the Web.

Its aims are to:

  • Explain how people with disabilities use the Web.
  • Define the scope and relevance of web accessibility.
  • Describe some accessibility features and barriers.
  • Introduce business case and benefits of web accessibility.
  • Introduce web accessibility standards and guidelines.
  • Explain how to carry out preliminary accessibility evaluation.
  • Describe how to plan for and manage implementation.

It addresses many different audiences, including people with different technical skills and knowledge about the topic. Tailor duration, examples, activities, and assessments to your particular audience.


  • Module 1: What is Web Accessibility — Introduces stories of people with disabilities, defines and scopes web accessibility, and introduces its interrelations with other disciplines.
    • Topic: Stories of People with Disabilities.
    • Topic: Scope of Web Accessibility.
  • Module 2: People and Digital Technology — Introduces some accessibility features and barriers, presents some adaptive strategies and assistive tools, and introduces the components of web accessibility.
    • Topic: Diverse Abilities, Tools, and Strategies.
    • Topic: Components of Web Accessibility.
  • Module 3: Business Case and Benefits — Introduces the business case for web accessibility and presents some benefits, such as enhancing your brand, increasing market reach, driving innovation, and minimizing legal risk.
    • Topic: Benefits of Accessibility.
  • Module 4: Principles, Standards, and Checks — Introduces the principles of web accessibility, as well as the international W3C Accessibility standards, and how these are developed. Provides hands-on experience checking how web pages have implemented the standards or not.
    • Topic: Principles of Web Accessibility.
    • Topic: W3C Accessibility Standards.
    • Topic: Hands-on Experience of Standards.
  • Module 5: Getting Started with Accessibility — Provides an overview of organizational planning and managing considerations to integrate accessibility throughout the web production process, and of different accessibility roles and responsibilities involved.
    • Topic: Planning and Managing Web Accessibility.
    • Topic: Developing Policies and Statements.
    • Topic: Roles and Responsibilities.
    • Topic: Accessibility in an Existing Project.