May 8, 2017

Digital Marketing Agency Now Hiring

Digital Marketing & Web Accessibility Jobs

Today web accessibility is a primary business and social concern.  With ADA lawsuits skyrocketing now is the time for businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to take action to protect themselves.  RadioPress Media (the parent company of 508 Help Desk) a digital marketing and web accessibility solutions provider located in Snellville, Georgia has the following positions available:

  1. Digital Marketing / SEO Specialist
  2. Webmaster (WordPress Specialist)
  3. Sales Engineer
  4. Sales Professionals
  5. Accessibility Coordinator
  6. Help Desk Attendants

Pay is based on the volume of work performed, not on an hourly wage.  Sales Professionals are needed the most, with Help Desk Attendants and Digital Marketing Specialist next.  All positions are remote teleworking opportunities, with full-time and part-time schedules available.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in any of these openings contact H.R. right away!