Proud partners with The City of Dacula

Jimmy Wilbanks, Mayor City of Dacula, GA

“The folks at 508 Help Desk have been our Website partners for many years, and we couldn’t be more satisfied.” ~Jimmy Wilbanks, Mayor City of Dacula, GA

We are proud to serve the City of Dacula, providing Web accessibility testing, monitoring, and remediation services, as well as general WordPress website development and maintenance.

The City of Dacula has always supported a superior educational system, producing many professionals in the arts, medicine, law, and life sciences. Gwinnett County Public Schools is considered to be a premier primary and secondary system producing students that achieve in higher education. Schools in the Dacula Cluster continue to provide excellent educational opportunities.

Other client references furnished upon request.

Since 1998 we’ve provided Webmaster Services, including Digital Accessibility and document remediation services to numerous government contractors.  Our NDAs prevent us from revealing their identities, but suffice it to say that we were at least partially responsible for their success during our tenure.  Now we’re available to work directly with you! Contact us today!