September 27, 2016

Accessibility Statements

For your visitors

  1. They should be able to request help or report a problem.
  2. There should be multiple ways to reach someone for help including a TTY number.
  3. They should know and understand what you are doing to make your site more accessible.

What you should know:

  1. Where they ran into the problem.
  2. How often they have visited your site.
  3. If they ever reported a problem before and how it was resolved.
  4. How they attempted to contact you.
  5. Has anyone else reported a similar problem.
  6. Where they went in your site.

What you must have

  1. A communication plan for escalation.
  2. Skilled workers to respond to accessibility questions.
  3. A change management process to report errors.
  4. A communication plan to respond to visitors during initial report and after a problem is fixed.

Other recommendations

  1. Marketing gifts for reported problems.
  2. Mailed thank you cards.